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Finding an Address for your Business

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So, You Need A Business Address?

Real estate and rental prices are rising but so are the number of people trying their hand at being the entrepreneur they always dreamed of being. New businesses don’t always have the ability to snag a fancy new store front or office space immediately. Using a home address, PO Box or UPS Store can ruin your chances at building up your business credit in these crucial early days. THIS is where the beauty of the virtual address comes in handy.

So what is a virtual address you say? In a nutshell, this is company which allows you the ability to have a professional presence at their location. While you don’t physically “sit there”, hence the word virtual, you can receive mail and packages there. Some locations may offer registered agent service, a phone number, fax number and even a receptionist! Many offices also offer meeting spaces as well which you can use once or as often as needed as an add-on service.

One of our favorites is OPUS. The main reason being they not only offer all of these things (and more) but they ALSO help you start building your business credit. This means that while you are paying for your address (at an affordable cost), you are NOW partnered with a company which reports to each of the big three – which can be hard to do.

One key thing to remember, which will aid you in your business journey is you can secure your business address before you’ve filed your official business paperwork.

Which would you rather have as the image for your business?


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