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Why the HECK is Canva Capitilizing my I’s in Chrome on a MAC

Canva Auto correct hack

Have you ever opened Canva on your Mac using Google Chrome, only to find that all of your lowercase “i’s” are suddenly capitalized? This can be frustrating, and confusing, and it begs the question: why is Canva capitalizing my “i’s” in Chrome on a Mac? It is extremely problematic when you are typing up something LONG. Heaven forbid it’s something like an e-book because you are going to end up with a document where every word that begins with an I is capitalized and believe me, it’s going to be like finding a needle in a haystack trying to find every single one. Yep! An editing nightmare! It’s sort of the same as when you type Facebook but your phone or keyboard changes it to FB, or when you type the acronym On my way!

Now, in the two examples I’m showing above you will see that you can automatically stop your keyboard from doing this but the truth is, you won’t always see it. I paid a pretty penny to get LASIK surgery and I STILL struggle to see it. Now combine that with you super-fast typers and now you spend 3 times as long to fix a project. I’ll be honest, I was ready to throw my laptop across the room because I just couldn’t figure it out and even though I’m a MAC user, I just naturally gravitate to Google Chrome and THIS is where the problem lies. It’s a MAC thing and a Chrome thing, but not a YOU thing and I couldn’t believe I wasn’t finding more answers out there.

So how did it happen? Most likely, if you have an iPhone that uses the same iCloud then more than likely your computer is mirroring your phone settings. If not, the problem still lies in the settings. But no matter what the case is, don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to change it in BOTH places. This way, you can clear it out no matter what.

I shared this on my Instagram & TikTok and decided to post it it here.

To Fix It On iPhone: 📱

➡️ Go to “Settings”

➡️ Go to “Keyboard”

➡️ Go to “Text Replacement”

➡️ Delete (by swiping left) on anything you don’t want. You can also add or change things here. .

To Fix On iMac or MacBook:  🖥 💻

➡️ Go to “System Preferences” (can’t find it, do a search in the magnifying glass 🔍 at the top of the screen)

➡️ Go to “Keyboard”

➡️ Toggle to “Text”

➡️ Select the ones you want to delete and click the minus “-“ button to remove them. There is no save button, so just close this menu. You can also add or change things here.